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Property Maintenence




However big or small your needs are House & Garden Services can provide the right level of care and attention to keep your property looking great.


Whether you need regular or seasonal attention or just a one off project to renovate or repair any aspect of your home we will be happy to look after you.







Handyman or Estimated Job?


As most property maintenenance jobs need from a few minutes to a few hours to complete we have a fair way of charging for them to make sure you get the most cost effective solution possible.


Handyman Charges


E.g. Hanging pictures, assembling flat packs, changing light bulbs, small plumbing jobs, new glass panels on windows or doors, decorating, flooring, carpeting.  Damp or condensation problem areas, painting walls or ceilings, small carpentry jobs, small plastering work, replacing cracked or loose tiles, changing handles, locks, silicone around baths, etc...


Charges are by the Hour or Day and Exclude Materials


Weekday Rate (8am to 5pm)

20 per hour (or part hour)

150 per day 


Weekday Out of Hours Rate (5pm to 8am)

30 per hour (or part hour)


Weekend Rate (8am to 5pm)

25 per hour (or part hour)

200 per day 


Weekend Out of Hours Rate (5pm to 8am)

35 per hour (or part hour)


Estimated Charges


Our Estimates and Quotations are FREE so please do not hesitate to call, examples of services that would fall under this area are listed below, if in doubt, why not call us to discuss your needs and we can advise you on how best to approach.


New installations and design

Kitchen, Bathroom, Disability Modifications, Repair or Replacement

Painting and Decorating

Internal and External. Home, Shops, Offices, Display Windows, New Colours

Refurbishments and Upgrades

Interior Design, Re-Fits, Facelifts and Makeovers. Home, Shop, Office, Re-configurations

Project Co-Ordination

Large Jobs, Multiple Trades Required. Deal with one Supplier

Repair for Sale or Auctions

Facilitation of entire job from start to finish

Interior design

Professional domestic and commercial room design, furniture planning and supply

Eco solutions

Eco friendly products, energy and water saving technology




Handyman or Full Quotation?